Criminal Aliens

If you have a relative who is in custody for a crime and faces deportation, we can help.  If possible, we will get your relative released from INS custody and represent him before the Immigration Court. We may also arrange to visit your relative in custody when necessary to represent him.  If he has already been ordered deported, we may still be able to help by requesting a STAY OF REMOVAL, or by looking into the case to see if they might be able to file a Motion to Reopen.  Criminal Immigration is one of the most complicated areas of Immigration Law practice, so don’t rely on a firm that is not experienced in this area of the law.  Mr. Frank is considered one of the leading experts in “Crimmigration”.  Call us for a consult so you know your family member’s rights.

Deportation and Asylum

The attorneys of Frank & Pollack, LLC have handled thousands of asylum and deportation cases, and appear frequently before the Immigration Court.  Our office is often consulted, even by other attorneys, specifically in the area of crime-related deportation charges.  If you have a criminal conviction that may lead to your deportation, you should call us for a consultation immediately.  We will assess the case to determine if you or you relative are eligible for various forms of relief from removal including but not limited to: Cancellation of Removal, 212(c) or other waivers, Asylum or Withholding of Removal.  We may also seek to get your relative released from Immigration custody on a bond, if eligible.

If you have an asylum claim to make, or if you are in proceedings before the Immigration Court, we can represent you, no matter where you live. Call us for a  phone consultation prior to your next court date.

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